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HMBV2.0 Updates and Abbreviation

"The phoenix must burn to emerge." --Janet Fitch

Well said!
So here we are back with 2.0 version! I know you are not familiar with some functions and terms used in this version. Don't worry, that's why we have created this section where you will get updates about new features from time to time.

let's begin!

The Home page consists of all the blogs written by users. You can simply read anyone just by clicking Blog Title.

If you are interested in reading the contents of some particular author, then click on their username.
You can change your username and profile pic from the "Profile" option in the navigation bar.

Want to write/Publish a Blog?

You have to Log in via Google. Once logged in as an authentic user you will see the "Create Blog" option in the navigation bar. Simple isn't it?

Some terms:

SLUG - it's a field where you will write your post's URL name. It should be unique. it's better to make it a combination of your post's title and your name.
example - ( slug = title-of-your-post-by-yourname" )

Post_Cover_Image: It should be included by you to make your blog attractive. The Dimension should be in a ratio around 2:1 (landscape)

A user can edit it and can republish or delete it also.

In order to share your post with your friends, Just copy the URL/link of your published post and share it.

I hope you understand that the platform is still under development, So please give your suggestions, feedback and report any problem to our given Email address - [email protected]

Your response will help us in developing a more useful product in the future.

Thanks For Your Time!

Gaurav Abhishek
HHFC Media

May 18, 2020, 5:14 p.m.

HHFC MEDIA is an open platform to express your views and idea in a more descriptive and independent way! Tell your stories and publish your work as your own webpage.

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