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To A Strong Girl

Published-May 10, 2019, 7:18 p.m.

Written By:Rashi
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A Strong Girl.

I know exactly how the sympathies owed to you for being a girl, drill a pain into your ears. And how you fist your fingers tight everytime they brag about you, being inferior.

It's weird how the 12 year old you, was given a 9 year old brother's hand as crutches to walk on a dark empty road. And how the 16 year old, bleeding you, was given a corner to sit 3 feets away from the celebration of the arrival of goddess Durga.

The truth is that the world definitely deserves to hear your story. But not the story of your sufferings and fragility, but the story of your survival and heroism.

The story of how a white paper stuck inside of your wardrobe quotes a line from Gita 10.32 "I am the beginning middle and end of creation." And how everytime you read it, your eyes glow with a lustre, strong enough to light the deepest pit of darkness.

And the story behind those swelled eyes of the 19 year old you, the lights of whose room were turned off at 4 a.m, dying to graduate to replace her father's rugged shoes.

You don't need people to tell you a million times that you are strong. Because you "are". And their opinions are not gonna change that in any possible way. You need to tell the world that it's never a matter of pride for you, being called a son. But the pride lies in being called a girl. A bleeding girl, with a pair of breasts, which in no way contribute in making her fragile.

Just Another Girl.

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