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Published-June 16, 2019, 10:15 a.m.

Written By:Rashi
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I was tapping my toes to a Taylor Swift song which said "loving him is red." And started to think of the ways in which this red gradually keeps on changing a woman's life.

I remember how the skirts in my wardrobe in a day got replaced with dark coloured pants, when this red started to drip from between my thighs. I was taught how to use my arms as defensive weapon on local buses and creepy crowds. I was given a manifesto of how a woman should walk, sit, sleep and laugh.

I recall my sister's wedding and think how just a pinch of red brought with it an ocean of tears in my father's old eyes.

And how could a shiny red lipstick on a woman's lips at night could ever raise a question on her modesty.

I read a book about my country which distinctively describes how this red, when was vanished from a woman's head, became the subtle reason for her to quietly lay on her husband's pyre and end her herself into ashes.

And in shades of red I see a colour of love, and wars, of births, and deaths, the story of a woman's begining and her end.

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