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Published-Feb. 3, 2019, 9:21 p.m.

Written By:Rashi
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That morning started just like my other mornings did. Slightly lazy but lively. I was on my way to college with my dad. Mumbling a song inside my head, observing the passers by on the way.

Daddy slowed his bike down and then gradually stopped. Our bike was followed by a crying ambulance. It was red light. But what went out of the norms was that no one moved a bit even when the light turned green. I tried to puzzle out what actually was happening. What came to my knowledge was that some politician from the ruling party was on his way.

People were forbearing for almost 7-8 minutes. And after that heavy horns started to rattle my eardrums. A man, getting late for his work started clamouring at the traffic police to let us go. He addressed the policeman as "bhai jee", which was bluntly followed by abuses relating thereto his sister. Wait, what? I was trying to infer the relational demeanor of our indian society. Until I noticed that after crying it's heart out, the ambulance was finally still. I guess that poor man died.

After a minute or two, our law abiding "netaji's" luxurious black car passed at a speed of 80 with three ambassadors ahead and four chasing behind. The people stood silently for a fraction of second. All the policemen out there waved a highly disciplinary salute. And then we were finally allowed to move.

Well I took the misery of closing my eyes for a minute amidst the chaos. I mourned. For the man who lost his life at the green light? No! But for the democracy we established 70 years ago. And for those 3 lines which our civics teacher made us mug up - " of the people, by the people, for the people."!

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