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Published-Oct. 23, 2020, 2 p.m.

Written By:SakshiPriya
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No, no! It’s not like crying all day or keeping oneself in small dark room as it is depicted. It is like attending lectures regularly but not soaking a single topic from lecturers, it is like going to work daily but only staring at screens of desktops, it is outing with friends every weekend but not able to have real talk and it is like getting paid but not knowing where to spend. Is it difficult to take? Certainly not! But we make it by our lack of empathy towards our near and dear ones.
Mental breakdown hits like this and believe me it is far more dangerous than the topmost two lines I stated, because during this oneself is not even known to the fact that they have things occurring inside them and needs to be sorted out in order to have well deserved happy life. When you will not know this, ultimately, you will not consult to psychiatrist or psychologist or not even to the closest friend from third grade who never ever judges you for anything!
Although, solution to this sounds huge and at some points not having any sort of solution at all but it is not even close to it. To solve anything, you need to figure out problem, but here, you just cannot figure it out. So, I believe that to solve this we need a collective approach in which everyone have to be at least basic level empath which includes extremely tiny efforts like keeping a check on friends and asking them that is there anything disturbing them and if there is any then make them believe that you are with them and will get through it together, softly opposing any relative if they are making fun of your siblings on the basis of their education or appearance, having healthy talks with your parents regarding your life and most importantly being your own best friend. When we believe that we will take care of ourselves and people related to us, we surely will.
These small efforts will make mental health normal day to day topic like all other so-called mainstream topics. Families will have such conversation at their dining tables, every educational institution will have efficient psychology department and every company will also hire psychology graduates as behavioral analyst equal to business analyst.
So, you see tiny things leading to something beautiful?

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