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NEP 2020

Published-Aug. 10, 2020, 12:48 p.m.

Written By:Rashi
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The National Education Policy 2020 is a huge step towards a fruitful development of our country. The NEP 2020, to be more clear, is a bill right now. The bill will gradually pass laws in the coming future for the implementation of it's Resolutions.

In this article we will basically limit our focus on the Higher Studies section. So according to this policy, world's top 100 universities will be allowed to operate in our country. Which indeed will take our educational qualities to next level. Also, will keep our excelling students from going abroad for higher studies and eventually start working there. Like until now, the top educational institutions of our country, like Amity..!? Okay coming back to the top 'educational' institutions of our country, for example take IIT Delhi, collaborated with various foreign Universities for a particular time period. But now, there will be a campus of top foreign institutions inside our own country, isn't that a great deal to get!

Also, this new policy puts an end to the the whole concept of being a college 'dropout'. As students who for any such reason decides to leave college after their first year, will get a certificate, after two years will get a diploma and after completing a course of three years will get a bachelor's degree.

Initially, after doing masters for 2 years, students still needed to accomplish a M.phill of one year that was the research program and then do their PHD which resulted in a lot of time consumption and many students used to leave it up to the M.phills. But now along with their 3 years masters programme, the students will also get to do research which our country lacked behind in, since years. And could directly jump into their PhDs, totally scrapping the M.phill formula.

Also bashing our traditional approach of knowing just the technical know hows, this policy will open doors of versatility for our new generation learners. Like suppose a student doing engineering, is free to learn humanities or any other stream she is interested in. So gone are the days of ranting like the 90s kids that 'I wanted to be a writer but here I'm building homes.' Now an architect could also be seen being fluent into literary works!

A single regulator i.e., Higher Education Commission of India will be controlling these.

Although people who unfortunately always fail to see the 'right' accomplishments, are seen criticising the NEP 2020 by saying that bringing the foreign Universities here, will immensely raise the cost of education, and put it out of reach from a large section of population. Ironically, today the world is at Sharda University and there is no decrease in the number of BMW's being parked at the Amity gates. But this policy leaving no chance of criticism 'left' , says that it will be limiting the fees making it an affordable deal for the brighter students who sadly don't prefer Amities, irrespective of their financial status.

A lot will be unfolded about this in the coming future. Hoping for the best use of our demographics sharpest minds and passionate learners.

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