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I am not Independent.

Published-Aug. 15, 2020, 12:07 a.m.

Written By:vasundhra
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Happy Independence Day.
I am here to share my personal experiences and views on: Are women really independent?
As a lot has been done for their upliftment and empowerment via different policies.
I have also enjoyed many preferences like getting education, wearing clothes of my choice (according to society's expectations regarding length and size) and dreaming (according to society's expectations obviously). Which society thinks I should be thankful of.
But why?
Why should I be thankful to society?
Is that not my right?
I definitely thanks a lot for my parents for this. I agree I am privileged but can't deny the fact that there are still certain situations where I don't feel I am independent.

I am not independent because there is always a fear regarding my safety and security whenever I have to go somewhere alone.

I am not independent because my views don't get considered in my family and society.

I am not independent because I took some bad life decisions in past and get taunted for it everytime (I agree everyone does get taunted but they have still got their future life decisions in their hands).

I am not independent because I am not allowed to decide about my own life because the elders and specially the male members say "they know my betterment better than me."

I am not independent because even when they know that I am not happy and I am not agreeing to what they chose for me, they can't do anything about it.

I am not independent because even women in my society don't come forward to support a woman.

I am not independent because what ever good they did for me, it is because "wo mujhe beti nhi beta mante hai." It's like there is no wajood of being a beti.

I am not independent because speaking for self is given a name: "feminism ka rona."
I mean what is wrong in being a feminist when I still have to fight for my own equality.

I am not independent because if I will do something "apne man ka" to wo definitely galat hoga aur fir "samaj aur rishtedaro me kya izzat reh jaegi"

I am not independent because eventually "beti ek parayi dhan hai aur uske lie usko ek palne wala dhoondh ke de dia jaega irrespective of her choices."

I am not independent because I feel if my society reads this article, I can get judged and scolded.
But then, Let's not forget
Happy Independence Day.

On this independence day I have to confess something.
In my past, some people might have not felt independent because of me when I criticized them or made fun of them when they were being themselves.
I genuinely apologise to all the people I have hurt.
"I am sorry."
"Changes for good are always expected and accepted."
Happy Independence Day.

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