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Food as Medicine

Published-Aug. 27, 2020, 11:47 a.m.

Written By:chanda
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Foods have been used as medicine for thousand and thousand of years. Across history, many fruits, vegetables and other plants foods have been recommended for their supposed medicinal properties.
As one example, when people suffered from cough or cold turmeric help to protect their body from these diseases. Now a days we are continuously using turmeric with milk (golden milk) to boost our immunity . Okra , a green finger shaped vegetable common in indian cooking , even Indian spiceses box contains lots of immunity booster for example mustard seeds , cumin seeds , turmeric powder, coriander , etc . Another example and an interesting case study to consider when thinking of food being used as medicine is because of Okinawan people who are one of the longest living people in the world . The Okinawas have strong beliefs and practices about food and diet.
When we talk about Food as Medicine we can't forget Mediterranean diet basically Mediterranean diet is high consumption of fruits , vegetables, legumes and whole grains moderate consumption of fish , dairy foods and use of olive oil very low intake of red meat. Mediterranean diet helps in preventing heart diseases and strokes.
Dry fruits are also good for health for example Walnuts are an excellent source of omega -3 fatty acids , which helps in lowering of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raising of good cholesterol in our body.
According to 2020 Global Nutrition report India remains severely affected by Malnutrition , with one of the highest rates of within- country inequalities in malnutrition globally.
Bihar and Assam have the highest malnutrition levels in the country.
Bihar has 72.7 percent death rate attributable to malnutrition in children younger than five years , compared to the national average of 69.2 percent.
Not only malnutrition Anaemia also effect our state according to AMB ( Anaemia Mukth Bharat) Iaf coverage key performance indicators, HMIS bihar is on 16 position.
Well we all know that these diseases are inversely proportional to nutrition or food . We can only cure these diseases with the help of correct nutrition or food.
Food has a positive effect on a person's health physical performance or State of mind .
Food should be included in balanced diet of all age groups.
Take care of our body including good food as a part of self care.
At last The tittle of this topic comes from popular phrase Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food . Often ascribed to Hippocrates.
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