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Celebrating Wonder Women

Published-March 8, 2021, 9:02 p.m.

Written By:tanya
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Prema Dhanraj was a beautiful child with dark almond eyes and chiseled features. But on that fateful day, she was making coffee on a stove and suddenly that stove burst and flames leapt upto swallow her face. She was admitted to CMCH Vellore with 50%burns. Seeing her first borne battle for life, Her mother made a pact with God. "If you save my child, I vow to dedicate her to the service of your people. I will make her a doctor and work in this same hospital ",She prayed. Prema survived but with the scars of half burns. Her family had hidden all the mirrors in the house. She was imbued with the feeling of disappointment and ugliness. But later she accepted the fact that it was her face and she will have to live with it. She changed her life by working hard and obtained her MBBS degree. She went to work at CMCH, Vellore, under the same surgeon who reconstructed her face. Now it was a defining moment in her life as she fulfilled her mother's promise to God. Today, She is the Head of the department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, CMCH Vellore. She is known as one of the most successful surgeons in the medical fraternity. Prema's bitterness and anger were a part of her life for a long time but she didn't stop and channelize her negative emotions into a positive manner. She fulfilled all her dreams and now she is more beautiful even with scars. One of her patients puts it in perspective :"All that is striking and beautiful is not always good but that which is good is always beautiful "

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