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Celebrating Wonder Women

Published-March 8, 2021, 6:23 p.m.

Written By:smrity
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Nykaa Is one of the most favoured destination for beauty and wellness.
Nykaa has collective e business platforms across websites and mobile apps and also has 4 offline stores where one each are in Delhi and Bengaluru and two in Mumbai.
It was established by Falguni Nayar, in 2012.
Falguni, now an entrepreneur, formerly worked as a banker for twenty years.
In her view, entrepreneurship is in her blood and she being a businesswoman was her dream.
Nayar is an explorer who never had second thoughts and readily accepted all the chances.
Although a lot of people said that India wasn't ready for an e-commerce retailing, Nayar had the audacity to prove them all wrong by introducing her own brand which at the moment receives 15000 orders a day.
As a girl, at present, I need not think of visiting Delhi for a shopping trip or wish to have a cousin to buy me lipcolors from abroad.
Now it's all online.

Falguni Nayar is an inspiration especially for women who need a necessary break and come back to start their career again with dedication.

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