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Celebrating Wonder Woman

Published-March 8, 2021, 3 p.m.

Written By:Apeksha_Deo
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"If life gave me an opportunity I too should do something and contribute to the country."
The young Dr.Seema Rao's mind was captured by such a powerful statement.
Daughter of Freedom Fighter, Professor Ramakant Sinari, is often known as India's Wonder Woman.
Born under the influence of Patriotism and Fighting spirit Dr. Seema always did whatever made her feel strong. Rao completed her medicine and did MBA in Crisis Management.
She learned martial arts from her husband, Deepak Rao and continued training in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.
Seema is the senior most female instructor of JKD.
Rao is the India's first woman commando trainer.
Shooting is one of her another talent and hence she started from unarmed combat training to the army to armed combat training along with her husband.
They are currently training Special Forces of India for over 2 decades.
Dr. Seema and Deepak Rao invented a method of Rao System of Reflex Fire for close quarter combats.
The list of her achievements is very long and easily conveyed upon but rarely someone discusses her sacrifices. Due to physical stress she was unavailable to carry a child. Despite living in an Indian society she never made herself feel unworthy of motherhood, so she adopted a girl child to incarnate another women who will make her country proud.
Her name means Limit(Seema) but she was Limitless. She says "I was down but was never out."
Thus while celebrating Women's Day for another year let's take a pledge of never staying limited when we all know that our power is limitless.
Ranting over gender biased society is all we have done these years. Following Seema Rao's another quote which says "The me you think is the me you be" focus on our existence as a human rather than curbing our opportunities under the assertion of born as a woman.

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