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बेमिसाल 5 साल (HHFC)

Published-Dec. 25, 2020, 12:08 a.m.

Written By:Raja
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Helping Hands Friends Charitable Trust
यह नाम आज आप पटना शहर के लगभग हर इलाके में किसी ना किसी से सुनने को मिल जाएगा और आज जब HHFC 5 साल का हो गया है तो हम उस दिन को कैसे भूल सकते हैं जब 4 स्कूली लड़कों ने एक बच्ची को भीख देने के बदले एक उज्जवल भविष्य देने का सोचा😍💝

2015 is the foundation year of the HHFC. With the idea pitched by the founder of the organization, 4 friends started working on the ground level. Initiated by small campaigns like distributing free food packets and goods hand to hand to poor people on the occasion of Festivals. The Main target were kids and old people of slum and those on pathways.

2016 HHFC started financial support to one NGO called “Jeevan Aradhya”. Due to lack of funds, Jeevan Aradhya was facing a bit of difficulty in its operational terms. That is the reason why HHFC started funding it. The financial support given was specifically in the education field like providing study materials, books, copies, pens, etc. Simultaneously, decided to distribute food packets and other essential items once in a year.

2017 is the year when HHFC inaugurated its first own education center for slum kids in Hanuman Nagar, Patna. By this time people have started joining HHFC and the work was also done very effectively and efficiently. Started spreading awareness about the work through social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Continued financial support to Jeevan Aradhya.

2018: Second center of education inaugurated in 2018 in Boring Road, Patna for the slum kids. Apart from the education they focused on the overall development of the kids, started several extracurricular activities like art and craft, Yoga, games, Self Defense class, and a lot more.
Ceased the financial support to “Jeevan Aradhya” because of their involvement in politics which is against HHFC’s values. Started a blood donation drive in association with Red Cross Blood Bank.

2019: I see 2019 as the expansion year for HHFC. 4 education centers inaugurated in 2019; 3 in Patna at Digha Road, Bhoothnath, and Rajwanshi Nagar respectively and 1 in Prayagraj. It not only shows the increase of involvement of the members but also the establishment of the name of HHFC. Initiated free medical camps.
HHFC got registered on 1st August 2019, which is again a milestone for them. They initiated 30 hours internship program in order to gain more volunteers and gather the support of people. Started several campaigns for flood relief; like distributing food packets to the slum people because most of the slums were drowned in flood, making food for them, distributing goods and food packets to household which were adversely affected and were almost drowned.

2020: As we know 2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us. HHFC started spreading awareness about COVID-19, it’s symptoms, how can it be prevented among their education centers with kids as well as their parents so that they can take necessary measures to prevent it. Distribution of grocery items in slums. Donated 100 food packets to Each One Feed One Campaign an initiative by Amalfi Care foundation and Humara Bihar. Continued Free food distribution drive.

Officially, HHFC Trust got registered on 1st August 2019. It is registered as a public trust for the welfare of society. HHFC is working on ground zero since 2015.

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