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sakshi May 20, 2020

They are humans too!

Labourers are the backbone of our country! ...

Richa May 19, 2020

Just the way you are

Love yourself before somebody hates you. You are not rejected because you are not perfect but we're rejected because you never explored the beauty you possess. ...

sakshi May 18, 2020

Be extraordinary.

No one is born with super powers ; what makes them different is their persistence, discipline and commitment. ...

saket March 25, 2020

'Is COVID-19 a process of Natural Selection?'

You may say that I’ve predicted too much negative outcomes, but at this point it’s better to be negative and be proved wrong rather than being positive and then later being proved wrong. ... ...

ojasiwini December 15, 2019

तुम्हारी चुप्पी एक अंत है!

क्यूँ? क्यूँ चुप कर दिए जा रहे हैं इनके बोल? क्यूँ बुझा दिया जाता है उन साहस की चिंगारियाें को जो बड़े हिम्मत से ऊपर उठती हैं? क्यूँ डरा दिया जाता है युवाओं को सियासत के नाम पर, क्या वो देश का अंग नहीं? क्यूँ बता दिया जाता है कि चुप रहना ही सबका हल ह ...

vasundhra September 01, 2019

Body Shaming

Shamer's words keep stabbing over and over again. Many have cried, laughed at themselves. Many have smiled, hated themselves. But they need to know body hate isn't about body but about mindset ... ...

saket July 07, 2019

Dear Earth!

Dear Earth, We want to save you But do you think you're more important than our selfish motives? ... ...

Rashi June 16, 2019


I was tapping my toes to a Taylor Swift song which said "loving him is red." And started to think of the ways in which this red gradually keeps on changing a woman's life ... ...

Abhineet June 10, 2019

सशक्त महिला सशक्त देश!

'सशक्तिकरण' हमारे नजर में एक जटिल सा शब्द | लेकिन इसका भाव किसी इंसान की उस क्षमता से है, जिससे वो अपने जीवन की हर छोटी बड़ी निर्णय खुद लें सके | महिलाएं हमारे समाज की स्तंभ है |महिला शब्द अपने आप में एक पूर्ण शब्द है जो अपने दिल में बहुत कुछ समेटे ह ...

Rashi May 10, 2019

To A Strong Girl

... You don't need people to tell you a million times that you are strong. Because you "are"... ...

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Title: They are humans too!

Abstract: Labourers are the backbone of our country!

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