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Shreya September 05, 2021

We Owe to YOU

To all the teachers who are doing their bits in constructing the future of today's young minds. ...

Apeksha_Deo August 15, 2021

नहीं कफन,मुझको तिरंगा चाहिए

देशभक्त दीक्षा सिंह द्वारा लिखी गई एक खूबसूरत कविता। ...

Sristi August 15, 2021

An Ode to India's Freedom

The tales that now glorify the pages of history Each written by the blood of bravery ...

chanda_singh June 28, 2021

Maternal health

Average pregnant women needs 35mg of elements iron per day for developing placental and growing fetus while non pregnant women needs 21mg of iron per day . PMSMA provides free health check up for pregnant on her 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy ...

Shreya_Verma June 12, 2021

बाल मजदूरी एक अभिशाप

बालश्रम को खत्म करना केवल सरकार का ही कर्तव्य नहीं है, हमारा भी कर्तव्य है। बच्चे ही हमारे देश का भविष्य है अगर उन्हीं का बचपन अंधेरे और बाल श्रम में बीतेगा तो हम एक समृद्ध भारत की कल्पना कैसे कर सकते है। ...

Apeksha_Deo May 01, 2021

All the strength we need.

When you are able to stand this pandemic because you are strong. ...

Abhineet April 05, 2021

Mask up everyone|

जब भी बाहर निकलें मास्क का उपयोग जरूर करें | ...

Shreya March 22, 2021

BIHAR- The Abode


Raja March 16, 2021

सैनिटाइजेशन एवं सेल्फ हाइजीन कैंप |

उनके द्वारा हमारे बच्चों के बीच मास्क साबुन और चॉकलेट का भी वितरण किया गया| ...

alka March 08, 2021

Celebrating wonder women

Women as leader they are born to be ...

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Username: Shreya

Title: We Owe to YOU

Abstract: To all the teachers who are doing their bits in constructing the future of today's young minds.

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